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Assertiveness Skills Training



Assertive people are confident and have high self-esteem. They are happy to express their own views and appreciate the views of others. Assertive people strive to make decisions based upon a ‘win-win’ outcome and usually achieve their own desired outcome.


Assertive people can accept factual based criticism and control their reactions. Where necessary, they feel confident saying “no” to people and can provide alternatives to resolve discrepancies.


Who Should Attend?

Aggressive people who don't respect or listen to the views of others. Passive people lacking confidence and self-esteem.



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Date Location Price Status Book Course
May 22nd London £275+vat Places available Book Online
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Learning Outcome

Assertive Behaviour

  • Work towards win-win outcomes
  • Get to the point and express your views
  • Respect the views and beliefs of others
  • Show empathy and understanding
  • Give recognition and compliment people
  • Make decisions in your own time
  • Control outbursts and reduce stress


Assertive Communication Skills

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Confident voice with expressive tone
  • Positive and negative phrases
  • Awareness of body language
  • Make an excellent first impression
  • Build rapport and trust

Assertiveness Techniques

  • Direct approach Vs Non-Direct approach
  • Using the correct level of assertion
  • Establish facts and gain clarification
  • Say “No” with confidence and clarity
  • Hold constructive meetings
  • Approach difficult people with confidence
  • Present the consequences of behaviours
  • Communicate with non-assertive people
  • Disagree with people constructively
  • Respond to criticism positively


Understanding Behaviours

  • Assertive behaviour
  • Passive Vs Aggressive behaviour
  • Passive-Aggressive behaviour



Delivery Style

• Interactive practicals including group discussions, role-plays (in small groups), and case study examples.



Learning Formats


Option One: Tailored In-house Training (Suitable for Groups of Staff)


Our Approach: A comprehensive seven-step approach enables us to identify your requirements, and then carefully tailor course topics and post-training reinforcement support tools to suit your needs.

Length: Tailored to your needs – bite-sized 90-minute sessions; or half-day, full-day, or two-day courses.

Locations/Availability: Delivered at your premises, or a venue of your choice in the UK or anywhere in the world (where appropriate). Training is available seven days a week, and there is no additional charge for weekend training.

Group Size: Flexible.


Discuss your requirements with one of our experts. Call 0800 121 4660 / 0208 445 9625, or complete an enquiry form.



Option Two: Scheduled Courses (Suitable for Individuals and Small Groups)


Our Approach: Learners and their line manager (where appropriate) complete questionnaires prior to the course, to establish key development areas. Learners complete personal action plans throughout the course to support the post-course reinforcement of new skills.

Length: 1 day (9.30am – 4.30pm).

Locations / Availability: Regular courses in London (dates listed below).

Group Size: Average of just six Learners per course (maximum of eight), led by experienced Trainers in a friendly learning environment. Because of the low numbers, plenty of personal attention is given to each Learner.

Refreshments: Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Awards: Certificate of Training presented on completion and course manual included.


London Training Centre: 20 Mercer Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9HD.

Course Date Price Status Book Course
2019 Dates      
May 22nd £275+vat Available Book Online
August 6th £275+vat Available Book Online
September 26th £275+vat Available Book Online
November 19th £275+vat Available Book Online
Schedule your own date when booking three or more Learners onto the same course - give us a call on 0800 121 4660.


Special Offers: Multiple bookings discounts are available and we also offer discounts for Charities and Social Enterprises.




Clients Include

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Assertiveness Training

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The assertiveness course was very informative. I now have structures to put in place for scenarios at work. We have analysed my strengths and weaknesses and then the trainer has applied these to structures to put in place to assist the strengths and counter the weaknesses.

Personal Assistant



"I found the course really useful, I feel I will now be able to start to use the techniques taught to help me in my role. I found the thinking brain, sifting and open and closed exercises very beneficial. I now feel I can be more assertive and think more about how I come across".


Gatwick Airport


"I thought the training was brilliant and very useful. It made me realise that I can be more assertive and also how to handle unpleasant calls a lot more assertively".

Housing Advisor

Basildon Borough Council


“The assertiveness course was very informative and easy to apply to work and personal life. I have learnt structures and different assertive techniques that I can use to create more efficient relationships. The trainer had great interpersonal skills, very pragmatic and made the day fun. He also managed to personalise the techniques to each individual.”

Project Coordinator

Ernst & Young


“I have learnt how to ask the correct questions and assertiveness skills. The trainer was fantastic and very helpful.”


Russell Investments


“I have learnt assertiveness skills and how to apply these skills for positive outcomes. I found the role plays most beneficial and also the willingness of all participants to share experiences. The trainer was excellent! - knows exactly what he is talking about.”


The Ingleside Children’s Home


“The course was structured in an excellent way. The illustrations were powerful and gave me a dynamic experience in terms of understanding assertiveness skills. The trainer Simon guided the course in an energetic way. I feel illuminated and highly empowered as a result of attending this course.”

Management Assistant

European Central Bank


“Overall I found the assertiveness course to be extremely useful. The content of the course is applicable to both work and social environments. The delivery style of the trainer was extremely effective in conveying a lot of useful information in one day.”

Test Analyst

Avon Cosmetics


Assertiveness Training