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Green Policy

Hamilton Mercer has always taken its corporate responsibility seriously and have listed the steps we have taken to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the global environment.



According to Friends of the Earth, 70% of office waste is paper. It's largely high-grade white paper, the most sought after type for recycling, yet only 15% is actually recycled.


  • To limit paper waste, we use scrap paper to make notes and send all invoices by email.
  • We have recycling bins located in the office for paper, cans, bottles and plastic cartons.
  • We Recycle our laser and inkjet cartridges.
  • We use refillable pens and long life markers.


Energy Use

At the end of the working day all our PCs and monitors are switched off at the main switch or, where appropriate, at the power bar or plug connector. This prevents standby switches from needlessly consuming energy.


We use energy efficient light bulbs which can be up to 80% more efficient than standard light bulbs for the same amount of illumination. They can also last up to 12 times longer than standard bulbs.



We have encouraged our staff to cycle to work by working with Evan Cycles who have a unique scheme that can save our staff up to 50% off a new bike. It is known that regular cyclists have a fitness of someone 10 years younger than them.






Green Policy

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