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Handling Difficult Situations Training


Handling Difficult People - Customer Service Training


Why Do We Get Stressed

Stress is our body’s chemical reaction to a situation that may be physically or psychologically demanding. Stress is triggered by our thoughts and therefore can also be controlled by us.


When we encounter an extreme situation that is demanding, a message is sent to the hypothalamus gland located in our brain to prepare us for this encounter. This action causes our breathing to speed up, our heart to beat faster, our muscles to tense and increased perspiration so our body can use its full capabilities with immediate effect. (The equivalent of a ‘super kettle’ that could take cold water to the boil in a split second)



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Why do we have this mechanism?


Thousands of years ago, humans were quite a tasty meal for animals such as Mammoths and when confronted by such a creature we only had two options:


1.) Stay and FIGHT
2.) FLIGHT (run away)


The ‘Fight or Flight’ mechanism has helped our ancestors to survive potential life threatening situations where maximum strength was needed immediately.


In today’s society Mammoths no longer exist but they have been replaced by another creature many people fear; angry, difficult and demanding customers!


Although these encounters with customers are not life threatening, sometimes we can take their comments personal and become frustrated and angry ourselves. When these situations occur, our negative thoughts can often send signals to the hypothalamus gland. Research shows that the hypothalamus gland can be triggered by situations that may not be life threatening because the brain which can not always distinguish the difference a real situation and one that has been imagined.


When our ancestors received this burst of strength they would use the energy to fight or flight which is a great way to get rid of it. What happens when we receive this burst of energy and are sitting at our desks in a busy office? (It may be very tempting to jump out of your seat and start a fight with your least favourite co-worker or the customer, alternatively you could sprint around your office until you have used all this extra energy, but this probably won’t go down to well with your Manager, or the police!


Instead we carry on sitting at our desk or maybe take a quick cigarette break and as a result the energy that has been prepared for our body does not get used. This unused energy stays in our system for the rest of the day and keeps us stressed.



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Handling Difficult People Situations - Customer Service Training

Handling Difficult Situations Training
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Handling Difficult Situations