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‘Face-to-Face' Learning Better than Online Learning New Research




LEARNING online is far less effective than traditional learning in a classroom environment, according to a new study.


Researchers at the University of Washington, Stanford University and Mathematica Policy Research found online pupils at American charter schools lagged far behind their classroom-based peers in terms of academic performance.


The research found that, despite the benefits of online study, results simply didn’t compare to the traditional learning approach of having a teacher at the front of the classroom.


According to the report, factors affecting results are:

• Less one-to-one attention from teachers with online learning than with face-to-face learning
• Online learners are responsible for driving their own learning and determining how quickly they advance
• Challenges around learner engagement due to limited student-teacher interaction


The report did however point out that online learning has unique benefits, such as being more accessible for certain people.




Hamilton Mercer’s Head of Learning and Development Simon Scofield said: “While no one disputes the benefits of using new technology, we believe that engaging with people directly and giving them one-to-one attention is the best way to help people learn.


“Being in a classroom lets learners interact with each other, share ideas, take part in group exercises and have an enjoyable, social learning experience. It’s also motivating and reassuring for them to know they can get instant and personal responses to questions.


“When it comes to online learning vs classroom learning, we believe the classroom option is the best way to ensure the type of learner engagement that achieves results.”


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