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Hamilton Mercer Enters into Partnership with the University of London




AN EXCITING project involving one of Britain’s top universities will use communication skills training to improve customer experiences.


Hamilton Mercer will train team members at the University of London on Advanced Communication Skills in November.


The training, which will be provided to members of the University’s Service Desk and Second Line Support teams, will focus specifically on communicating to improve the customer experience.


Subjects covered will include Communicating Believability, Building Trust, Giving Feedback Diplomatically and Empathetic Listening.


Founded in 1836, the University of London has a community of over 170,000 students studying at 17 colleges.


Its Service Desk and Second Line Support Teams provide technical and I.T support to 4,800 users, including staff, students and external customers.




Hamilton Mercer’s Head of Learning and Development Simon Scofield took the lead on the design of the programme and he said the following;


“The University of London already enjoys an outstanding international reputation and we’re delighted to be partnering with them to develop this even further.


“In particular the University is passionate about securing the best outcomes for its customers. We believe this communication skills training will play a key role in helping them to achieve this.


“We have a lot of experience supporting clients within the higher education sector and we will put this to good use to deliver training that supports the University’s strategic goals and results in positive experiences for users of its service.”