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Assertiveness Techniques for Receptionists


Assertive receptionists are confident, stand up for their rights, establish the facts, enjoy their work and are not bulldozed by bullies. Assertiveness skills enable receptionists to make the best decisions for the organisation and themselves. They also defend the boundaries of their own work remit i.e. ensure work is not unreasonably ‘off loaded’ on to them.


A receptionist with assertiveness skills would be great at questioning people to establish the relevant facts before they make a decision and will not be pressured into making a decision on the spot if they don’t feel comfortable to do so. The inability to question effectively to find important facts would reduce the chances of a scenario being resolved in a timely and hassle free manner. If the receptionist is ready to respond to the person, they will use an assertive structure to deliver the information.


Receptionists need to be confident
When in control of the reception area, it is vital that receptionists are in monitoring who is entering the building and deciding the callers that can be transferred through to the relevant departments. Assertiveness skills can be used to break news to unwanted callers and to callers you demand to get something they are not permitted to receive i.e. the contact email addresses and direct telephone numbers of staff members. Confidence plays a big part in delivering this information so the person understands the receptionist is in control and they must listen to the point being made.


Many people believe that they have little confidence and often shy away from bullies and any form of confrontation. The fact is that we will all come across a situation in our personal or work life where assertiveness skills will help us to achieve a fair outcome and the one that we want. Without the necessary skills people may tend to fall into the category of being passive or aggressive in their approach. If receptionists are to improve their confidence they need to decide want they want to achieve from the scenario, understand the facts involved and learn the assertive structures and self-awareness techniques to implement deliver the information.



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Receptionist must control their reactions
Sometimes it’s very hard to control our natural reactions from influencing the way we deal with situations in the work place. Some people can become personally offending by the comments made by other and say things that they may regret at a later stage. Learning the correct phrases and answers to give in a situation will help the receptionist to gain respect from the other person, improve the chances of their comments taken on board and actions implemented.


Receptionists need alternatives for saying the word “No”
Some receptionists may use the word “No” too often and other reception staff may not use the word enough. In some cases there isn’t any other option but to say the word “No”. With this in mind how to receptionists find the right balance and what are the alternatives for saying no. Hamilton Mercer Training have explored many areas and have collated some great examples which you can learn by attending our Professional Receptionist training course or our dedicated Assertiveness Skills training course.



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