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The Factors of A Great Receptionist


Great receptionists provide visitors and callers with an excellent first and last impression. They have the responsibility of maintaining a consistent level of service for internal and external customers.


A great receptionist is a person that people remember when they have called or visited an organisation because the receptionist made the experience memorable. With the tough economic climate and reputations on the line, receptionists have a demanding but equally rewarding role. We have listed some of the key factors contributing towards a receptionist becoming great at what they do and a great ambassador for their organisation.


Great Personality

Having a great personality is a top quality for a receptionist as they are in constant contact with customers over the telephone and face to face. Warm and friendly works well and the ability to communicate the culture of the organisation in a professional manner is essential. Customers can see past a ‘fake’ smile, so a genuine customer focused attitude is essential for every receptionist.


Voice, Tone and Presentation - Professional and Friendly

A clear and professional voice communicates professionalism and can be used to build the trust and confidence of clients. The ability to give visitors a welcoming impression of the organisation and ensure visitors feel comfortable in reception while they wait for a meeting or interview.



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Professional Receptionist Training

Professional Receptionist

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  • Communication & Multi-tasking
  • Handling Difficult Situations



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Medical Receptionist Training

Medical Receptionist

  • Meeting and Greeting Patients
  • Communication & Multi-tasking
  • Handling Difficult Patients



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Respect for Others

Receptionists control the gateway of many organisations so they must treat people fairly and not abuse their position of power. Receptionists can respect customers time by providing them with an efficient service and offering alternatives where necessary. Respecting customers confidentiality is also very important for receptionists and sensitive information must be presented in a discrete manner.


Show Customers Recognition

Acknowledgement makes people feel special and valued by the organisation. Receptionists must make sure they respect the confidentiality of clients and not disclose any information that maybe private or personal.


Customer Focused Attitude

Phrases such as ‘going the extra mile’, ‘delighting the customer’ and ‘creating a memorable experience’ are great when describing the level of service that should be given, but the practical actions of the receptionist bring these phrases to fruition. To create a genuinely memorable experience, receptionists must want to give a high level of customer service. To ‘go the extra mile’, receptionists must achieve the most from every scenario and provide customers with alternatives.


Remember that the customer is not always right and they can’t always have what they want - The manner in which we present this information to the customer and the alternatives we provide, will determine the chances of them having a positive or negative experience.


Awareness of Body Language and Perceptions

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the body language of a receptionist is the picture that most internal and external customers will see when they visit the office, and customers will notice so any sign of disinterest. Receptionists need to be aware of their own body language, the way they greet people and how others perceive them.


For example, John could be the friendliest person in the world but if he doesn’t smile and present himself correctly people could think he was disinterested and rude.


Ability to Build Rapport

People like to communicate with people who listen to them and show a genuine interest - Most importantly, people want other people to like them! Rapport is about seeing the world from the other person’s perspective and engaging with them at a level they feel comfortable with. To be an excellent communicator and achieve exceptional customer service reception staff must build rapport with customers. If a customer likes the way a receptionist communicates with them, there is a greater chance of the receptionist influencing the customers decisions and this enables the receptionist to improve the customer’s loyalty towards the organisation.



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