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Telephone Skills Training



How staff conduct themselves on the telephone speaks volumes about an organisation’s professionalism. Get it wrong and they may create a bad impression and even lose clients; get it right and they’re helping to promote the brand, get the customer on board and even spread the word about a business’s exceptional service.

This course teaches people how to communicate in a manner that inspires the confidence and trust of a caller, and gives the best possible impression.


Who Should Attend?

• Employees and individuals who would like to adopt a more confident, structured and positive approach to telephone conversations with customers.
• Suitable for staff who talk to customers and co-workers.


Learning Outcome

• Discover ways to create a positive impression with customers, every time.
• Follow simple step-by-step techniques for common customer scenarios, so you feel confident during any customer interaction.
• Learn how your voice, listening skills, posture and other advanced techniques help create the right impression.



Course Topics

Scheduled Course topics are coloured black. In-house Training is tailored to your needs so you can choose any of the topics listed below plus you can combine topics from any of our courses to create the perfect learning solution.


Professional Telephone Manner and Etiquette - Best-practice techniques for creating a positive impression with customers. The fundamentals.

  • Introduction to Telephone Techniques
  • Clarification Techniques
  • Overcoming Language Barriers
  • Managing Silences
  • Creating Professional Voicemails (In-house training only)
  • Leaving Professional Voice Messages (In-house training only)
  • Closing / Moving Conversations Forward Politely (In-house training only)


Structuring Telephone Conversations - You really need a plan. By following a set structure, while also showing flexibility, you can effectively manage any telephone interaction. Each of these Topics examines some common scenarios and offers step-by-step guidance.

  • Professional Greeting
  • Screening Calls
  • Placing Callers on Hold, Transferring Calls and Handling Transferred Calls
  • Handling Unsolicited Sales Calls Assertively
  • Effective Message Taking
  • Closing Calls
  • Answering a Colleague’s Telephone Professionally and Dealing with Calls to the Wrong Department (In-house training only)
  • Five Step In-Bound Call Structure (In-house training only)
  • Five Step Outbound Call Structure (In-house training only)
  • Screening Calls on a Switchboard (In-house training only)


Telephone Communication Skills - Advanced verbal and non-verbal methods that help turn even difficult interactions towards a positive outcome.

  • Voice Factors
  • Physiological Techniques to Enhance Communication
  • Advanced Language Skills
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Effective Questioning
  • Matching Language Techniques (In-house training only)
  • Choosing the Correct Communication Channel (In-house training only)




Delivery Style

• Interactive practicals including group discussions, role-plays (in small groups), and case study examples.




Learning Formats


Option One: Tailored In-house Training (Suitable for Groups of Staff)


Our Approach: A comprehensive seven-step approach enables us to identify your requirements, and then carefully tailor course topics and post-training reinforcement support tools to suit your needs.

Length: Tailored to your needs – bite-sized 90-minute sessions; or half-day, full-day, or two-day courses.

Locations/Availability: Delivered at your premises, or a venue of your choice in the UK or anywhere in the world (where appropriate). Training is available seven days a week, and there is no additional charge for weekend training.

Group Size: Flexible.


Discuss your requirements with one of our experts. Call 0800 121 4660 / 0208 445 9625, or complete an enquiry form.



Option Two: Scheduled Courses (Suitable for Individuals and Small Groups)


Our Approach: Learners and their line manager (where appropriate) complete questionnaires prior to the course, to establish key development areas. Learners complete personal action plans throughout the course to support the post-course reinforcement of new skills.

Length: 1 day (9.30am – 4.30pm).

Locations / Availability: Regular courses in London (dates listed below).

Group Size: Average of just six Learners per course (maximum of eight), led by experienced Trainers in a friendly learning environment. Because of the low numbers, plenty of personal attention is given to each Learner.

Refreshments: Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Awards: Certificate of Training presented on completion and course manual included.


London Training Centre: 20 Mercer Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9HD.

Course Date Price Status Book Course
2019 Dates      
June 5th £275+vat Available Book Online
September 5th £275+vat Available Book Online
November 5th £275+vat Available Book Online
Can't see a suitable date? Give us a call on 0800 121 4660 to discuss.


Special Offers: Multiple bookings discounts are available and we also offer discounts for Charities and Social Enterprises.




Clients Include

Hamilton Mercer Training - Clients

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“I think the course went really well, I have learnt a lot today. I have learnt to listen to the caller, understand the caller and deal with the situation respectfully”.


Greenwich Council


“The telephone skills course was excellent. I have learnt how to be more confident and extract necessary information on the telephone. The trainer was excellent at dealing with our questions”.

Events Co-ordinator

Taylor Bennett


“The course was very useful and informative. It helped to identify and rectify my weaknesses and will significantly improve my telephone manner. Susan was an excellent trainer and made me feel at ease from the start”.


Glue Reply


“The content was stimulating and informative. It delivered valuable training in an easy and interactive way. The session was extremely useful”.

Call Centre Advisor



“I enjoyed the course and found its content excellent. I would like all of my staff to attend one of these sessions. The trainer’s delivery style was excellent and I found the interactive element of the course especially useful as it was possible to observe the performance of my staff”.

Team Leader

Luminus Group


The trainer was very helpful and answered questions specific to our industry.

Commercial Assistant
Whyte Chemicals


I found this course very helpful. I learnt how to structure my phone calls to ensure all information is gathered. I have also learnt that tone on the telephone can determine a customer’s mood. Learning how to be self-aware is the most beneficial part of the course for me.

Customer Service Advisor
ETX Capital


Delivered in a polite, friendly manner – good balance of light hearted humour helps keep the attention. Good materials and exercises and a very professional approach.

British Gymnastics


“I really enjoyed the course; it highlighted the areas where I need to improve. The process to help with listening skills is something I feel will really help me in my role”.

UK Sales Assistant

Osborne & Little