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Our COVID-19 Response

The threat to your remote workforce is real and needs your attention

A recent YouGov poll found that nearly two thirds of adults felt worried about COVID-19. Meanwhile, a Forbes report stated that 49% of remote workers said that their biggest struggle was wellness related.

These insights suggest that neglecting your home-working employees is a ticking time bomb.

How are they meant to handle difficult situations and crucial negotiations with customers unless they feel properly supported?

'Make your people more resilient, productive and effective home workers'

‘I want to introduce you to a range of remote-working courses that are much more than training – they are a set of operating procedures that will completely transform your people’s way of working.

The courses are grounded in real-world practical skills, including hands on tools, Methodologies and checklists. They will make your people more resilient, productive and effective remote workers, who are better at retaining customers during this crucial time – so your business not only survives but thrives.’
Simon Scofield
Founder, Hamilton Mercer

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Why Hamilton Mercer

Transformative Learning

Imagine – all your people using common, organisation-wide solutions to meet challenges.

As well as our training ensuring teams are on the same page when it comes to problem solving, our blend of virtual classroom, face-to-face learning and on-the-job training ensures truly enduring change.

We will even give managers development tools to help them drive and track performance changes.

Unique Methodologies

Practical techniques that uplift capability and motivate people to take performance to the next level.

These performance-boosting Methodologies are unique techniques that will transform the way your team works.

Our step-by-step approaches are easy to understand and simple to implement, so you can fast-track the changes you are looking for right away.

Industry Leading

Brands and SMEs are transforming their teams with our innovative approaches – join them now.

Discover techniques from a learning and development company offering industry leading solutions that get results.

And because our Learning Consultants come from the commercial world, these solutions will always be practical and relevant to you.

We’ve told you a little about how we work and our unique approach to training. Continue the conversation right now and discover more by calling 0800 121 4660 or using the contact form below.

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