Assertiveness Skills

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Assertive people confidently express their own views and appreciate the views of others. They strive to make decisions based upon a ‘win-win’ outcome and usually achieve their own desired outcome.

Assertive people have great self-awareness and can accept factual based criticism. Where necessary, they feel confident saying “no” to people and can provide alternatives to resolve discrepancies.

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Who should attend?

People seeking to improve their assertiveness during work and personal life interactions.

Course content – 90mins modules

Module 1: Assertive Mindset

Learning Outcomes

  • Limitations of Assertive Behaviour.
  • Personal Rights (Values & Beliefs).
  • Respect the views and beliefs of others.
  • Learn how to take ownership for thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Control outbursts and reducing stress.


  • Introduction to Assertiveness
  • Conditioning & Coping Techniques

Module 2: Behaviours Overview

Learning Outcomes

  • Behaviours overview; Assertive vs. Passive vs. Aggressive vs. Passive-Aggressive vs. Covert Aggressive behaviour.
  • Approach difficult people with confidence.
  • Establish facts and gain clarification.
  • Build rapport and trust.
  • Make an excellent first impression.


  • Recognising and Managing Manipulative Behaviours
  • Factors of The Voice & Body Language

Module 3: Providing Constructive Feedback

Learning Outcomes

  • Work towards win-win outcomes.
  • Disagree with people constructively.
  • Present the consequences of people’s behaviours.
  • Use the correct level of assertion.


  • Giving Behavioural-Focused Feedback
  • Discrepancy Assertion

Module 4: Managing Expectations

Learning Outcomes

  • Get to the point and express your views.
  • Work towards win-win outcomes.
  • When to Compromise.
  • Say no with confidence and clarity.
  • Make decisions in your own time.
  • Show empathy and understanding.


  • Disagreeing Assertively
  • Making and Refusing Requests Assertively

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Essential Assertiveness Skills

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Essential Assertiveness Skills

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